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  1. What is EventSolv?
    EventSolv is a professional Consulting and IT services company offering solutions for the Event Management industry.
  2. How events are scheduled?
    Events are scheduled in an online calendar. It gives a detail view of all the upcoming events with dates. It helps to plan the events accordingly.
  3. Where the customer data is stored?
    Customer data is stored on our online web based application.
  4. How web based application works?
    Our web based application allows event hosting business to create, update, and print their event contracts online.
  5. Is web application is user friendly?
    Yes, the web application is user-friendly. It can be viewed from any desktop, tablet, and Smartphone.
  6. How to make a contract?
    A contract can be made by our web-based application from anywhere. We can create and print the contract within minutes of time.
  7. Where I can see the packages, specifications and prices?
    We can see the details in the events section.
  8. Where I can see the payments?
    We can see the payment details in the contract section.
  9. Is contract can be deleted?
    Yes, a contract can be deleted there is an additional option in contract section.
  10. Can customer view the details of an event plan?
    Yes, a customer can view the event plan and download the event quotation, also can make changes to the event before finalizing it.
  11. Where can we check the status of an event?
    We can check the status of an event in Dashboard option.
  12. Where we can check the status of incoming payments?
    We can check the financial status in Reports option.
  13. Can I have a free trail?
    Yes, we will provide a free demo. Just fill up the schedule a demo form and good to go.
  14. Can I get a help if I face problem while scheduling an event?
    Yes, you can contact us anytime; we are always there to answer your queries.
  15. Does EventSolv offer phone support?
    Yes, we offer phone support to answer the queries.
  16. Does EventSolv offer email support?
    Yes, we offer email support, it comes along with the pro packages.
  17. What is the payment method?
    Payment can be made by online transfer or check.
  18. To whom I direct my questions?
    In case if you want to ask questions, you can contact us via email or on given phone number.



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